High-end Waterproofing Systems

One of the most effective ways to avoid potential leakages in your buildings is to use our Waterproofing Solutions

Flooring Systems

We provide a wide variety of flooring services using the latest technologies available. The flooring is the most important feature of a structure, as it contributes to its aesthetics.

Structural Repair

While there are a variety of reasons for a building's movement, we Kwalkrete is ready with modern repair technology in application techniques to deal with issues

Our Equipment

Kwalkrete offers a wide range of services thus, we use premium quality machinery to carry out the process. Our technicians specialize in a wide variety of construction equipment.

“ To EARN Success, The Hard Way ”
My journey began with a family financial issue. At the age of sixteen, I started working in a store in my village of Thiroor, Thrissur. Which sowed the germ of entrepreneurship in me, which grew into a full-fledged company after a series of failures, including selling rice in people's homes, a spice collaboration, and a cool bar that was a sucess at first but eventually collapsed. Throughout my fight, I was bombarded with a barrage of questions. But I never put a stop to it. I kept working hard and was introduced to the realm of waterproofing at that time. Earned success one step at a time, and the storey of the accomplishment continues.

Sunny Davis
Founder, Kwalkrete

Our team is made up of experienced individuals that understand and empathise with our fundamental beliefs and principles and work unrelentingly towards achieving our objective under the able supervision and expertise of Sunny Davis.